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Pilonidal sinus is where a small pouch containing infected fluid (like pus) is seen below the skin opening to the exterior skin. It usually occurs near the lower back (just above the cleft that separates the buttocks) and as the infection progresses, it may develop into a cyst or an abscess.

It has been seen to be more common in males than in females. While the specific cause of a pilonidal sinus is not known. It is believed to arise due to a mixture of different factors like abnormal and excessive hair growth, hormonal imbalance and obesity. It is seen more commonly in people leading a sedentary lifestyle and job (like clerks and taxi drivers that sit for long periods of time).

Pilonidal Sinus, complications and the need for an early intervention.

Pilonidal sinus starts out like a dent initially at the tail bone region of the lower back, due to various reasons which includes even includes chaffing of fabric against this dent in the region and sweating, it may become infected to develop further into a cyst or an abscess with a foul-smelling discharge from a single or multiple opening in the region (blood or pus). Very rarely, due to constant infection and inflammation of the region, untreated pilonidal sinuses can lead to dysplastic changes which can develop into a type of cancerous growth of the skin, called squamous cell carcinoma.

LASER treatment is a minimally invasive surgical option which are available now for pilonidal sinuses however, only a certain section of uncomplicated pilonidal sinuses are treated this way while others require conventional surgical approaches.

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