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Anal fissures are tears in the anal region. It causes pain, burning sensation, itching and bleeding.

Let us learn a bit more about anal fissure symptoms, the causes and a bit more about what’s the best available treatment for anal fissure.

What causes anal fissures??

Due to constant excess pressure while passing hardened stools which happens due to lack of fibre in diet or due to constipation, the lining of the anal region can give away resulting in a cut or opening space that causes pain and burning sensation while passing stools. This can be seen in men and women in their adulthood and this also happens to be the commonest cause of anal fissures.

other causes of anal fissures include,

  1. Childbirth
  2. Intercourse in the anal
  3. Inflammatory bowel disease
  4. HIV
  5. Syphilis or anal cancer
  6. Tuberculosis

Do You Have It? Look Out for These Anal Fissure Symptoms

  1. ​Mild or excess pain during bowel movements
  2. Lingering pain even after passing stools.
  3. Blood accompanied with stool almost every time, with a little burning sensation or pain
  4. Crack or patches around the anus

LASER, a novelty in the world of medicine.

The recent treatment for anal fissures is the usage of Laser tech. It is minimally invasive and does not require hospitalization. Post procedure, the patient can leave the hospital after few hours of monitoring.


30 minutes


Spinal Block or General Anaesthesia (if needed)


3 – 4 days

Getting rid of anal fissures, a walkthrough.

If you start noticing blood around your anus or stool, you need to consult a healthcare professional to help you with the situation and confirm the diagnosis. Once confirmed after proper examination, The doctor will help you look at all the options that are available for the treatment and help you make the right choice.

If the tear is mild or fresh, it might be an acute anal fissure however, Chronic anal fissures are usually deeper and can accompany fleshy growths. It also depends on the duration of the persistence of the fissures. If it goes beyond 8 weeks, then surgery is usually recommended.

The doctor may suggest a couple of tests if he or she feels that the anal fissure is caused due to an underlying medical condition and in certain situations, the doctor might want to do diagnostic endoscopic procedures.

Topical anesthetic creams and sitz bath can be suggested by the doctor as part of treatment and for the pain but if the pain is more intense, he or she might recommend you to undertake laser treatment for anal fissures as it helps closing the cracked opening and in preventing complications.

It is advisable before finalizing on any treatment action that you have an open talk with the attending doctor to learn about the average anal fissure surgery cost, the best available treatment for fissures and the time period it takes to recover from the surgery. Once you have got the answer to all your queries, you can analyze your situation and your options carefully and then make the best decision that is suited for you.

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